The Atkins Diet Along With Exercising

We all know that using a diet plan, like the Atkins is a great way to start, food choices we make on our diet are of the utmost importance. However there are a lot of us that make the error of not exercising while dieting. Atkins has release a new food pyramid that shows you the importance of including exercise with dieting. If you increase your activity, you increase the food options available to you. Not only important on the Atkins diet, exercise is actually important to every persons overall health.

Our body, soul, and mind all benefit from exercise. Even if you have a limited ability and have a lower level of exercise, it is a benefit to you. Exercise will burn fat and also boost you bodies metabolism as well as increase your circulation. Exercising daily will help you eliminate toxins from your body via the lymph and sweat glands systems. Since it helps to regular blood sugar levels in your body, exercise if really important when on a low-carb program.

Atkins diet uses exercise to help it’s success. Without physical exercise, the body doesn’t know how to configure and is not made to process carbs successfully. It has been shown in research that a sedentary person will have high insulin reactions even to moderate carb amounts. Meaning that not only does exercise help you to lose weight, but it will help keep off the weight as well. Your body learns from exercise how to process carbohydrates that you eat. Exercising regularly means you could actually eat more carbs over time since your body is learning how to use them more efficiently.

Exercise falls into two types: anaerobic and aerobic exercise. The best way to do this is to combine both forms into your regimen during the week.

The primary goal of the aerobic type exercise is increasing the heart rate. Making the body consume more oxygen, thus giving all of the cells in your body a fresh oxygen supply. Many of the cells become deprived if you are without any physical activity for long periods of time. Aerobic exercise helps regenerate those cells and will help you in feeling better in those times that you are not exercising.

If you have not worked out in a while and have been inactive, you might need some time in getting used to the new workout. Seeking a little advice from your doctor or a aerobics teacher may help you out. Always start out slowly and work your way up so you can adjust to the new movements, etc. Always warm up and stretch before taking into any exercise routine to avoid any muscle strains. A few good aerobic activities to consider are gold, walking, tennis, dancing even. They will not cause you a lot of stress or stain to your body but will get your heart beating and moving. Set small goals and start slowly. If you decide to walk, begin with four or five blocks and then increase that over time to five or six and keep adding as you go along each week. Our bodies were meant to move! So they will enjoy it as much as you will.

The Anaerobic type exercise are those activities that are not technically classified as aerobic. They usually build muscle mass like strength training, weight lifting for examples. In order to keep your body lean, you will have to workout with weights, when you lose body fat, it is now time to replace that fat with muscles. No, you do not need to be a bodybuilder per se, just tone up those muscles that are now losing fat. Bone density can also be helped when using weights or resistance training exercises, also your fat burning mechanisms benefit and your posture.

If you do not include exercise in your weight loss program, you are going to fail. Incorporating exercise with your Atkins diet plan is an essential part of succeeding in your weight lose efforts and also helps you to see more results quickly, almost immediately.