Does Omega 3 Help Depression?

The answer to the question “does omega 3 help depression?” is a simple YES in can be helpful in many situations and individuals. Getting enough omega 3 can promote brain health and help support a healthy body and mind.

With all the health benefits you hear about omega 3 fatty acids, it might make you wonder how it can do so many good things for you. Here are some more details about how it does that.

How does omega 3 help depression?

Omega 3 is made up of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. They are necessary to maintain proper body function, but the body is not capable of producing it naturally. This means that they have to be taken in through proper diet by eating fish, or through health food supplement capsules.

Omega 3 and the brain

Omega 3 fatty acids, especially DHA and EPA play a large role in the brain. DHA, more specifically, is believed to help the neurons in the brain communicate. This means that signals and messages in the brain can be processed in a more efficient and faster way. They are also important in the growth and maintenance of brain cells. This is why many pregnant women take a fish oil pill to help their growing baby develop a healthy brain.

Omega 3 and depression – the connection

Research has found that increase in omega 3 levels in the brain helps it allow neurotransmitters and chemicals such as serotonin to quickly pass through cell membranes. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter in the brain; lack of serotonin has been linked to depression and feelings of sadness and anxiety.

The theory is that by increasing the levels of omega 3 in the body some individuals may find that it can help alleviate some of the feelings of depression and sadness. Omega 3 is not a cure for depression and anxiety but it can help and many doctors recommend it as part of a healthy diet. Ask your doctor. Although very invasive methods are necessary for serious cases of depression, omega 3 can potentially help your moods, which can eventually lead to improvement in feelings with long-term intake.

Adding omega 3 fatty acids to your anti-depressant regimen can potentially help you with depression from a different perspective – right from its very root causes in some cases. Some doctors recommended it along with daily exercise for people with mild depression and as an adjuvant to enhance medication. Talk to your doctor about this too.

Where to get omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are found abundantly in fish, especially in tuna, mackerel, sardines, halibut and trout. As part of a balanced plan to help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, some doctors also suggest a daily intake of 1 gram of omega 3 fish oil. Always talk to your doctor before beginning any supplement program.

If you were to eat fish on a daily basis, the health risks caused by mercury contamination in fish might come into play. The fish these days is just not as healthy as it was some years ago. The waters are polluted in many parts of the world.

To take advantage of the properties of omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil, it is best to take supplements. Fish oil supplements have higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids than you can find in regular fish sources. Plus, the better supplements have undergone purification and concentration so you have do not worry about mercury.

Can seafood help depression? If clinical and scientific findings are not enough to inspire someone about the potential of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements, why not try it out for yourself to see?

These statements are not medical advice and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease.

Herbal Remedy to Treat Depression

Most of us feel sad, miserable and lonely sometimes. There are plenty of reasons why people tend to feel this way such as death of loved one, lost a job, experiencing difficulty and problems and so on.

There are times that these feelings become less intense when good things start to come over time. But if these feelings become intense and severe over time, then you are suffering from depression.

The symptoms of depression are by having negative thoughts, moods and behavior. Body aches, muscle pains, weight gain, too much of sleep, feeling of hopelessness, sadness and thought of suicide are the signs and symptoms of depression.

There are plenty of factors that bring to depression. One of the factors is stress. Yes, having too much stress can lead to depression. If there are traumatic or dramatic events that happen in your life can cause depression. These events can be lost of job, lost of loved one, and the likes.

Illnesses and diseases can also bring to depression, illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart problem, stroke and so on. All of these illnesses can cause depression.

Having low self esteem can also cause depression.

There are also some medicines that can cause depression, such as medicines for birth control pills, hypertension and other illegal drugs.

Other people neglect depression. Some thought that there is no cure for depression. It is not right to neglect depression, since severe depression can ruin your life. And there are plenty of ways in order for you to treat depression.
Pharmaceutical medicines can treat depression but these medicines can bring risks of side effects. Most people prefer to take healthy alternatives in order to treat depression.

If you want herbal remedy for your depression, there are lots for you to choose from but make sure to find the right herbal remedy for you. You have to give time to do simple research about the products that can treat depression. It is better to check out the company or manufacturer if it is a reliable one, check out the ingredients, how the product work to treat depression and the likes.

Do not be caught by the low price, low price is not really what you are looking for, you are looking for an effective herbal remedy that can safely and naturally treat your depression.

Low price is not the only factor you need to look at, you have to make sure of the ingredients, how it was design to treat depression, how dependable and reliable the manufacturer and company is and so on.

So you have to be alert and take few of your time in finding the right herbal remedy that can naturally and effectively treat depression. Find the product or herbal remedy that can aid you to feel great again and can overcome negative thoughts positively.

Eliza Maledevic Ayson